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David B. Hill -- Information Technology Analyst
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A seasoned professional with software development experience in multiple industries including Distribution & Logistics, Manufacturing, Catalog/Mail-Order, Healthcare, Traffic Demand Management, and Telecom, currently focused on Microsoft Access application development, helping businesses increase productivity and work more efficiently through Microsoft Office automation.

The Versatility of Microsoft Access

It's a fact; Microsoft Access is often underrated as a serious software development tool.

IBM i (AS/400 and iSeries) How I Miss Thee!

My entry to the world of Information Technology was via IBM Mid-Range Systems, starting with the IBM System 34 (S/34). A relative asked me to help him "computerize" his import/export business. A friend of his had recommended the S/34, so that's what I ended up working with. I picked up RPG pretty quickly, and when that project was done I landed a programming job with the software vendor we have chosen.

In Depth: Technical Expertise - More than meets the eye

As a professional, I am reluctant to list something in the Technical Expertise section of my resume unless I am completely confident that I can demonstrate that expertise, or at least demonstrate prior experience. However, even if I don't claim expertise, I have experience with many more specific technology tools and environments than those listed.

In Depth: Education - An ongoing activity

For the sake of brevity, the education sections on resumes tend to be short and sweet, a "bullet list" of institutions or organizations where formal classes and recognition occurred. However, anyone who works in any field of Information Technology understands that education is a continuous process, that technology changes and grows so rapidly that if you are not always studying the latest and greatest advances, you are falling behind.

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